Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Welcome to the Future: A Blog Tour

Ok, so I'm not the most dedicated blogger. I'm too busy writing books and articles. Also, tweeting. Yep, though I once declared "I don't know what Twitter is, and I hope I never do," I now see beauty and economy and expanse in those 140 characters. Like poetry, like anything small and limited, the restrictions seem magically to open up into possibilities. So you can keep up with me @MeetFrances, and also get poetic status updates at the Frances Lefkowitz Author page on Facebook. 

But for the next month or so, I will be blogging like crazy. Guest-blogging. On my Book Blog Tour. Or maybe that's Blog Book Tour. It's a whole new world, and the terminology is still sorting itself out. But instead of getting on a plane, train or automobile, and traveling to bookstores, cafes, and street corners around the country to promote TO HAVE NOT, I will be getting on the internet and traveling virtually to 20 to 40 blogs around the country. Upside: saves a lot in gas; environmentalists should be pleased. Downside: I don't get to read to my audience, something that people on my actual (as opposed to virtual) book tour seem to love.

My first guest blog is up at Crazy For Books. It's about the Xmas in the 'hood, San Francisco, 1974. And it features some priceless vintage photos of us raggedy kids: you won't know whether to laugh or cry, so just do like me and do both. I'll post the rest of the blog tour on the Events Calendar on my web site.


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